Know about rug designs! What are the differences between traditional, contemporary and transitional rugs?

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If you are looking new designer rugs and walk in to our store, the first question you will hear is “What kind of design are you looking for?”. And when you ask for the options, you have probably heard “Well, we have traditional, contemporary and transitional rugs.” As a laymen on rugs, you are probably a bit confused on what are the differences between these kinds of rugs.


Traditional rugs are fresh take of time-honored Persian designs, characterised by filigree ornamental patterns with decorative borders. Traditional rugs generally use exact same patterns for generations and are classified to be classy. Traditional rug designs contains specific patterns such as floral, bordered & have central medallions in shapes like diamonds, octagons and hexagons.

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As you can see in the above image, a traditional rug design features traditional design with complex, intricate patterns with central medallions and shapes. Traditional rugs are also called tribal rugs because of the representation of the time era.


Contemporary rugs features bright and vibrant colors, up-to-date designs with abstract, asymmetrical and geometrical patterns, done with extraordinary elements. They are generally characterized by contrating and bold use of colors.

Contemporary rugs make the atmosphere of any room classy yet modern and is generally used in modern spaces and fashionable apartments.

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Contemporary rugs are architectural and modern in their looks. They may give a nod to the past on their design form, their free-form style makes them distinct and unique.


By the term ‘transitional’ itself, transitional rug design blends traditional and contemporary styles. These designs aims to create elegance of traditional designs but encloses the modern style of contemporary rugs. Contemporary rug design may feature really intricate border patterns with absolutely none to minimal geometric pattern on centre.

Shaheen’s transitional rug JL57

Transitional rug design provide elegance from traditional design and sense of modern style from contemporary rug design.

So, to round up the description, it depends solely on your choice what kind of design you are going for.

If you are in love with tradition with lots of intricate patterns, it is better to go with traditional design.

If you want to go with minimalistic approach to add elegance on your floor, go with contemporary designs.

And, if want intricate designs but do not want to overdo it, go for transitional designs.