How to choose best rugs for living rooms?

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Area rugs bring style and comfort to your living room. They also help in framing the furniture and bringing together different elements of your room.

Area rugs not only complete your newly furnished living room but also are useful if you want to revamp your old space. Changing an area rug can add a new feel to your room without changing anything else.

Area rugs are practical because they are easy to clean, replace and move around. They can be placed over tiles and parquets, or also be layered over wall-to-wall carpets. Here are some expert tips while choosing area rugs to add that extra flair to your living room.


The size of the rug is a basic factor to be considered while selecting a rug and it depends on basic things.

When adding a rug to your room, the bigger the better. Small rugs can make your living space look unfinished as well as haphazardly placed. Choosing the right size of the rug is very important. 

Large rugs can be chosen for living rooms where the entire furniture area is placed within the rug, this makes the space look more planned and cozy by making the furniture pieces look put together and not scattered.

Large area rugs place,ent
Large area rugs placement

The rug should at least touch the foot of the furniture of the seating area if not supporting the whole furniture. There should be no space in between the rug and the furniture.

Medium Size Area rugs placement
Medium Size Area rugs placement

Rugs help close space living rooms look more spacious and also help tie together open space living rooms pulling in the furniture which otherwise looked scattered.  In open-concept homes, area rugs help frame the living room and differentiate it from the kitchen.

Center placed area rugs
Center placed area rugs


The shape of the rug should match with the shape of the room or the shape of the furniture arrangements.

When choosing the rug shape, a traditional rectangular rug can be chosen for area rugs as they complement larger spaces. They work well with both open space and closed space living rooms. It is very tricky to use rectangular rugs in small spaces as it can make small rooms appear smaller if there is a gap left between the rug and the furniture. Square rugs also make the room appear more traditional and cozier.

Circular rugs add an element of fun as well as make small spaces appear larger but shall be avoided in large spaces. The shape of the rug can be paired with similar shaped table to bring in the space together.


Area rug is one of the biggest elements in your living space. Choosing the right color can dramatically transform your room. Wrong color makes the whole room fall flat. 

Wall colors should be considered while selecting the rug color. Brightness can be added to rooms with dark color by choosing a lighter colored rug. Room with light colors suit colorful, bold and patterned rugs. Dark rugs with dark furniture may seem like a match but may not vibe with the essence of a living space.

Deep rich colors bring a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere; light colors make your living area appear more spacious and cool colors assist in giving out a serene environment to your living room.

Rugs that match with your room’s color scheme should be selected in order to pull your room together. If you have a solid color sofa then a patterned rug will be suitable for a pop of drama. The second prominent color of your patterned rug should match with your sofa’s color. Match the third color with your cushions, drapes and other decor elements of your room.

If you have a dramatic color range or designs and patterns on the primary elements like sofa in your room then a solid color rug would bring a balance. The solid color of the rug should complement your sofa and match other decors elements in your room.

Texture and feel

The texture of the rug is also an important aspect while choosing the rugs. Wool rugs are mostly preferred because they are soft and also provide warmth. Rugs made of natural fibers such as jute and sisal give a laid back feel to the room but are rough to feel.

Silk rugs are luxurious in texture hence, expensive and also hard to maintain. Cotton rugs are sleek in design but aren’t really suited for the larger rugs such as area rugs because they absorb stains very quickly.

There are rugs that have mixed texture. Some Oriental rugs are made of wool with detailing done by silk or cotton. It can add an experimental feel if you are thinking of selecting a patterned rug.


Rugs are good investment for your living room. The prices of the rug can vary as per their size, shape, texture and pattern. Rugs that are small and made of cotton and synthetic material are comparatively inexpensive.

Small rugs may have more options in terms of pattern to select from but may not fit with your living room needs. Living rooms require larger area rugs and small rugs look incomplete and awkward if the area is not covered properly. However, if you want to experiment, small rugs can always be layered on top of larger rugs.

Larger rugs are pricier but cover and complete your living space by binding various elements of your room together making them worth the investment.


Living room is considered as one of the high activity areas so this room more prone to stains. While choosing an area rug for the living room, maintenance is one of the key factors to be considered.

All types of rugs need maintenance and care. The amount of maintenance needed for a rug varies depending on its material, color and design.

Rugs made of wool are stain resistant because of the natural oil of the wool. Synthetic rugs are not prone to wear and tear because they are made up of tough artificial fibers. Some small cotton rugs are machine washable. Silk rugs are not prone to much washing and prone to stains.

Rugs that are in darker color and patterned are more suitable to families that have kids and pets because they are good for hiding stains and spots. Stains will be more visible in solid and light color rugs.


Area rugs provide artistic value to the room’s design. Rugs can be of traditional, transitional and contemporary style.

Traditional style rugs are known to be sophisticated and elegant. They have intricate patterns and designs. Their style is mostly consists of floral patterns or central medallion design with borders. Central medallion design is having a circle, hexagon or other geometric shapes in the center.

Oriental rugs have contrasting colors with different patterns. Hence, they are available in a variety of timeless designs. These timeless pieces can be added to traditional furniture to continue with the classy vibe or contrasted with modern design to bring in the balance. Shaheen Rugs provides variety of designs of oriental rugs to match your area rug needs.

Contemporary rugs have abstract designs, wide variety of patterns and aren’t as intricate as the traditional rugs. They provide a more casual or a modern look to your living room.

Transitional rugs as the name suggests is a mixture of the other two styles. They add a modern twist to the traditional rug design. Mostly the colors used in these rugs are more balanced and congruous.

Shaheen Rugs has an exclusive collection of traditional, transitional as well as contemporary designs in different color and patterns to choose from. It binds in the atmosphere of your living room whether be it sophisticated, serene or spacious by adding warmth and coziness to your room.

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